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The Lowell Observatory Support Fund

The Lowell Observatory Support Fund receives all gifts to the Foundation that are donated without restrictions. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees has full discretion over the use and distribution of these funds to assist in fulfilling the mission of Lowell Observatory.  Both the corpus and earnings from the Lowell Observatory Support Fund are available at the discretion of the Board for distribution to the Observatory for purposes determined to be worthy and appropriate. (The Lowell Observatory Support Fund is not an endowed fund.)

The Lowell Observatory Endowment Fund

The Lowell Observatory Endowment Fund receives all gifts provided to the Foundation that have no donor restrictions on their purpose but have endowment restrictions imposed by the donor. Subject to the Spending Policy of the Foundation, distributions from the income from the Lowell Observatory Endowment Fund will be available for any and all uses consistent with the mission of Lowell Observatory, including ongoing operating expenses. The corpus of this fund will never be spent.

Restricted Endowments
The Lowell Observatory Foundation manages the following named endowed funds and welcomes contributions to any of them.

The Exploration Fund

The Exploration Fund supports research and researchers at Lowell Observatory in perpetuity. Astronomical research is expensive, and government funding for science research is in short supply due to federal budget cuts. We welcome new gifts to the Exploration Fund through current donations or a designation in your will, trust, life insurance, or other estate planning vehicle.

The Instrumentation Fund

The Instrumentation Fund of the Lowell Observatory Foundation supports the acquisition, development, maintenance of and access to technologies, instruments, and telescopes located within the Observatory’s facilities or elsewhere. Such support includes any infrastructure needed for safe and effective operation of that equipment and technology.

The Mars Hill Fund

Lowell Observatory’s Mars Hill campus is recognized as a National Historic Landmark and an Arizona Treasure, and was named one of “The World’s Most Important Places” by Time Magazine. The Mars Hill Fund is a permanent endowment that supports the enhancement, maintenance, and repair of the facilities and campus on Mars Hill and the preservation of our archival collections. We welcome new gifts to the Mars Hill Fund through current donations or a designation in your will, trust, life insurance, or other gift planning vehicle.

The Marcus Cometary Research Fund

The Marcus Cometary Research Fund is a restricted endowed fund established to support research on comets in the context of the rich comet history at Lowell Observatory. The Fund provides small-scale enhancements for primary and alternative activities including, but not limited to, observation, data reduction, analysis, modeling, software and equipment development and purchase, manuscript production, publication, amateur-professional collaboration, travel, colloquia, and a semi-annual comet lectureship.

The Edith Waddell Fund

The Edith Waddell Fund is a permanent endowment that supports summer internship opportunities for students or recent graduates in support of the education and public outreach programs at Lowell Observatory. We welcome new gifts to the Edith Waddell Fund through current donations or a designation in your will, trust, life insurance, or other gift planning vehicle.

Don’t see an endowed fund that suits your unique interests? Contact us to discuss creating your own named fund to benefit the mission of Lowell Observatory.

Endow a Chair in Astronomical Exploration

Your endowed chair at Lowell Observatory will support astronomical exploration in a broad field of study. Your name will be forever associated with an astronomer at Lowell Observatory who is exploring planetary, galactic, or stellar astronomy. Your endowed chair will fund the salary of a premier astronomer plus his or her travel and publication expenses. Contact us to discuss funding an endowed chair at Lowell Observatory.

Endow Astronomy Education and Outreach

Your gift will ensure Lowell Observatory’s highly-rated astronomy education programs enlighten children and adults in perpetuity. These award-winning programs include summer camps for children, STEM education for Navajo and Hopi students, mind-stretching exhibits, Mars Hill tours, and telescope viewing for the public. Contact us to discuss how your support can stretch the imaginations of visitors of all ages for the next 100 years.

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