• Our Mission

    To sustain and enhance Lowell Observatory’s mission of research and education by generating perpetual financial support.

Our Purpose

The Lowell Observatory Foundation, created in 2015, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization governed by an independent board of trustees and dedicated solely to supporting the Observatory’s mission. The Foundation is here to help you achieve your long-term endowment goals or manage short-term targeted donations. The Foundation is especially adept at receiving and investing assets to support Lowell Observatory’s mission in perpetuity.

Our goal is to raise $20 million, with a portion of the annual earnings supporting the myriad discoveries we will make, outreach and education programs to share our discoveries, and the Mars Hill campus and its historic facilities, including Percival Lowell’s 24” Alvan Clark refractor and the telescope used to discover Pluto.

If you would like to donate to one of our existing funds or create your own fund please contact us.


Lisa Actor

Executive Director

(928) 255-5047 office
(435) 655-5643 cell

Sherry Shaffer

Senior Philanthropy Manager

Bruce Kosaveach

Philanthropy Manager

602-501-9876 cell