Life-long Love for Astronomy Supports the Next 100 Years

Bill and Susan Ahearn’s individual relationships with Lowell Observatory began before they met.

As a boy, Bill learned Pluto was discovered at Lowell Observatory. While vacationing in Flagstaff in 1967, Susan learned the Apollo astronauts had visited Lowell and trained here for their moon mission. In the 1970s, Bill and Susan visited together for the first time. While camping near Flagstaff, they visited Lowell’s Rotunda open house and Clark Telescope viewing.

Bill and Susan believe Lowell Observatory is a national treasure. They like envisioning Percival Lowell sitting at the Clark telescope observing Mars. They love that the only planet discovered in the United States was discovered on Mars Hill. They appreciate V. M. Slipher’s discovery of the expanding universe. Getting the chance to meet current Lowell astronomers and learning about their research is a special treat.

Lowell Observatory was a natural place for Bill and Susan to leave a gift through their will. Their bequest will help support the next 100 years of discovery and inspiration.

Visit to Lowell Turns into Lifetime Commitment

When Bruce and Sherry Kosaveach visited Lowell Observatory in 2010, they were duly impressed by the array of telescopes, the exhibits, and the Observatory’s 100 years of discoveries. The Kosaveachs gladly donated to the astronomical discovery and science outreach taking place at Lowell.

Bruce-and-Sherry-Kosaveach-Photo-300pxBruce and Sherry like supporting Lowell Observatory because it is one of the only independent astronomical research institutions in the nation. As such, Lowell depends on private contributions to augment the few federal grants available for research in astronomy.

Bruce and Sherry designated Lowell Observatory as a beneficiary of their life insurance policy. Now, as Percival Lowell Society members, they are proud to support Lowell’s mission in perpetuity.

Bruce is retired from GE Capital and the US Navy. He serves as a Trustee on the Board of the Lowell Observatory Foundation.

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